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El-Badia has the widest choice of hookah bowls at the best price and quality, such as Ceramic bowls, Clay bowls, Egyptian bowls, Vortex bowls, Phunnel bowls, and Powerbowls.

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⭐️ Which chicha bowl to choose?

At, you can choose between different models of chicha heater: terracotta, ceramic, glass and even silicone. What's the difference between each material? Well, it all depends on how you use it. A clay or ceramic hearth, for example, is traditionally used to preserve the aromas of your chicha.

A laboratory glass firebox, on the other hand, is heat-resistant and preserves the flavour of your hookah even better. You can also opt for a silicone hearth, which has the undeniable advantage of being unbreakable.

⭐️ A shisha bowl to customise your hookah!

As well as the material, the shape of the hookah bowl is also important. For example, the Vortex hookah heater with its side holes or the Phunnel with its central hole prevent molasses from dripping inside the hookah. It's also important to choose the right chicha heater for the amount of flavour you want. A large bowl for a large dose of molasses and therefore longer sessions, and a small one for a small quantity. In short, as you will have understood, the key is to adapt your bowl for chicha But shisha bowl aren't just about consumption.

It's also, and above all, an aesthetic choice. has something for every taste and colour: red, yellow, black, orange, classic, small, large, hollow, flat, ceramic, glass or terracotta, even silicone. You'll also find well-known brands like SAPHIRE fireplaces. We have heating control systems such as KALOUD LOTUS I, KALOUD LOTUS II, BROHOOD fireplaces, BADCHA fireplaces and other fireplaces. All you have to do is choose the hookah heater that's right for you!

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