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El-Badia is the online store with the widest range of laboratory grade glass hookahs, official reseller of the FUMO brand, or the Glossy product line, and many more, such as Magic Glass hookahs, Art Hookah or even Hookah Concept.

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⭐️ The glass hookah, a futuristic chicha

Powered by luxury brands such as FUMO and Magic Glass, the glass hookah is, in itself, an objet d'art. Its modern design, refined finish and exquisite accessories make it a priceless piece.

Always up to date in the world of shisha, El Badia presents and sells all the latest innovations through its online shop. If you're looking for new experiences, browse our online catalogue devoted entirely to shisha and its accessories.

So is the material it's made from. Glass shisha is made entirely (or almost entirely) from laboratory glass. This glass has a name: borosilicate, a solid transparent material that is much stronger than traditional glass and offers excellent resistance to high temperatures.

⭐️ A unique experience with glass shisha

At the top end of the market, glass shisha is inevitably more expensive than traditional shisha, but it also offers a much 'purer' hookah experience. The draw, for example, offers a unique sensation that is hard to find in a standard hookah. The bubbling inside the vase, the smoke passing through the pipes, the crackling of the tobacco... You can 'feel' the glass shisha, and that's what makes it so much more pleasant to use.

Its transparency, too, is an argument in itself. Seeing the white smoke pass from the hearth to the vase, then through the pipe and finally exhaled into the ambient air, may seem trivial, but it provides an additional pleasure. A singular pleasure that only a glass chicha can offer.

El-Badia offers a wide selection of high quality glass shisha, so you can fully appreciate the flavours and tastes of your hookah. Discover our best offers on the biggest brands of glass hookah, and benefit from free delivery by El-Badia.

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