Chicha El-badia Z1
Chicha El-badia Z1
Chicha El-badia Z1

EL-BADIA Z1 Hookah

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  • Chicha El-badia Z1 CLEAR

  • Chicha El-badia Z1 SHINY BLUE

  • Chicha El-badia Z1 SHINY GREEN

  • Chicha El-badia Z1 SHINY PINK

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EL-BADIA Z1 Hookah, 34cm, Stainless Steel, Soft Touch Silicone Hose, Click System, Hidden Purge, and Reversible Diffuser

EL-BADIA Z1: Enjoy Excellence, Session After Session.

Discover innovation and superior quality with the EL-BADIA Z1 Hookah, a flagship model designed for professionals and demanding shisha enthusiasts. This compact 34 cm shisha, made from durable stainless steel and mounted on a thick glass vase, is the preferred choice in many shisha bars due to its robustness and elegant design.

Robustness and Durability That Stand the Test of Time
The EL-BADIA Z1 Hookah stands out with its stainless steel construction, ensuring exceptional longevity even under intensive use. The thick glass vase, secured with a rivet "click" closure system, offers increased stability and a refined aesthetic that leaves no one indifferent.

Professional Drawing Experience
Thanks to its adjustable reversible diffuser, the EL-BADIA Z1 allows you to customize your drawing experience. Choose from a smooth draw with fewer bubbles through the 8 submerged holes, or opt for a heavier draw by blocking these holes. This feature replicates the drawing quality found in shisha bars, right in your home.

Unmatched Quality/Price Ratio
The El-Badia brand, known for its commitment to uncompromising quality, ensures that the EL-BADIA Z1 Shisha offers one of the best quality/price ratios on the market. Accessible to everyone, it represents an affordable option to acquire a high-quality hookah.

Ingenious Design
Every detail of the EL-BADIA Z1 has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the user experience. It is equipped with a hidden purge that allows smoke to escape all around the column, adding an impressive visual effect during use. Moreover, the hose output is carefully embedded in the base for a sleek finish.

High-Quality Accessories
The EL-BADIA Z1 Shisha comes with essential accessories to ensure a perfect session from the first use: a 20.5 cm metal handle, a Silver Soft Touch Silicone hose, an anti-kink spring, and a built-in stainless steel connector. Note that the bowl is not included, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs.

For hookah enthusiasts looking for the best shisha at the best price, the EL-BADIA Z1 Shisha is an essential reference, perfectly combining performance, durability, and accessibility. Don't miss the chance to enhance your shisha experience with the EL-BADIA Z1, now available at an advantageous price on Step into the world of hookah since 1991 with El-Badia, where tradition meets innovation.

Bowl not included

Non fourni
Compatible Mouth Tips:
Compatible Mouth Tips:
male XL
click system
Silicone et manche
Acier inxoydable
Purge dissimulée
Connecteur tuyau silicone
Ressort de maintien de flexible
34 cm
not included

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Veľmi dobrá vodná fajka.

Anonymous customer


Très bon produit

Quentin S.


Petite chicha qui est excellente. Elle fait énormément de fumée et je l’ai depuis plus d’un mois, je l’utilise une fois par jour minimum et elle fonctionne toujours aussi bien! Facile à déplacer et super belle, c’est un très bon investissement.

Alexandra B.


Un peux haute mes dans l’ensemble parfaite

Yanis B.


Très quali comme chicha . Le tirage est fluide . Vraiment top

Abdellah B.