STEAMULATION HMS heating system

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STEAMULATION HMS heating system, adjustable and compatible with different bowls

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The STEAMULATION heating control system, designed for using natural charcoal with shisha pipes, is the first adjustable heating system giving you the option of choosing 8 different heights and thus moving the charcoal closer to or further away from the bowl. Raising the system tray will also create greater airflow and cool the bowl faster.

STEAMULATION has also even come up with a securing grommet with several different diameters so its heating system can be installed with lots of different types of bowls.

The STEAMULATION, or HEAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, is the ideal system for precision heat control during your shisha sessions.

The STEAMULATION heating system is made of V2A stainless steel.

  • 03 - 12 - 2023
Je ne l’ai pas essayé encore mais la qualité est top
Anonymous A.
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