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Luxury KALOUD KRYSALIS shisha pipe, made of wood, bohemian crystal and Italian marble

Aboutthe product

KALOUD is one of the most popular brands in the hookah industry. This American brand really changed things up with its heating system, the KALOUD LOTUS. This heating system has been a real revolution, making it easy to use natural charcoal while performing to whole new levels.
Always looking for innovation, the KALOUD brand never ceases to surprise with ever more innovative products, with the design touch that perfectly represents KALOUD.

The KALOUD KRYSALIS ® is not a hookah, but a chrysalis. The first in the world. It is based on over 500 years of tradition and innovation, emerging as something new and hitherto unknown.

The KALOUD KRYSALIS shisha pipe is a true work of art, composed of the finest materials. One of the special things about this exceptional shisha pipe is the double vase made of bohemian crystal. The smoke travels a long way before it gets to the end of the pipe, producing an unusually fresh sensation.

At 54 cm long, 38 cm wide and 22 cm high (without a bowl) and a weight of almost 40 kilos, the shisha KALOUD KRYSALIS is breathtaking for both its size and appearance.

The unique features of the KALOUD KRYSALIS shisha pipe include:

Two hand-blown crystal vases - The beauty and craftsmanship will mesmerise you.
A horizontal purge - No more sticky balls...
The Kaloud filtration system, for an exceptional taste sensation.
Bluetooth enabled lighting and control system
Woven silicone tubing - No wrinkles, no stains, no restrictions.
4 hygienic aluminium tips - To share this exceptional shisha pipe with multiple people...
The Kaloud Lotus II heating system and Kaloud Samsaris bowl Krysalis edition - The complete Kaloud experience.
Authentic Italian marble - For the most exotic appearance
Custom configurations - The KALOUD KRYSALIS ® shisha pipe is designed to adapt to any preference.

Each unit is stamped with a unique serial number as well as including a few other surprises .

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